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How to write Optimized seo article in Best and Easy Steps

The aim of this article is to help you write SEO articles in a better way and provide some useful tips & advice on how to write an effective seo article writing.

There are many ways to start your own blog, all of which are easy, but the one that’s always been my go-to is to get SEO-friendly content, so here’s what I’d recommend for anyone looking to write a well-researched article in no time!

Step 1. The Title

The title is a critical element of any article. It serves as your first impression of the article and sets the tone of the article by letting readers know exactly what it is you’re about before they even start reading. You want people to read your work in order to find out more about what your topic is, so make sure your title is relevant to whatever you want to talk about. This will give your audience the very essence of who you are, your background as a writer, etc.

So if you think “What Can We Learn From Getting A New Pet Under Our Bed?” then look carefully at titles like “How Not to Get Stressed When Someone Pours Gas On Your Pets”. For example, you can keep things as simple as “Why Is Cats More Than Dogs Or Pigs?”. But if you’re talking about an animal pet insurance company in this piece, there are also quite a few different ways of phrasing things, just be careful not to use overly long titles. An example could be: “How do we know our dogs are insured against accidents?” or “How Many Days Has My Dog Been Sick Of Her Own Sneezes So Much That She Hasn’t Tried To Go Outside?”. So don’t add anything unnecessary to the title if you don’t know what your title is all about.

The Title is also a good starting point for keywords, so write them after your title if necessary (for instance “Pets Insurance Companies in Malaysia). If you choose to write your tags in chronological order, search engines like Google will always understand your keywords as a result of “Pets Insurance Company, Malaysia”. So don’t waste your time doing it and get used to having your keywords placed after your title!

Some other helpful tips; make sure they aren’t too generic, like keyword phrases such as “in Malaysia”, or words commonly found in every day life such as the keyword “car insurance plan” or “pet insurance policy.” Make sure the title matches the keywords in its entirety and isn’t longer than 15 characters. Here are some examples of keywords:

Maintain Your Title

The title is arguably the most important part of any piece of text. Even though it’s usually short, it should still contain enough information to tell your reader who you are and why they need this information. So maintain your title in general structure, add keywords to each sentence within the title, and always end with either “HERE’S THE QUOTE” or “THERE’S MORE TO THIS THING TO LOOK INTO RIGHT NOW!”. Keep these tips in mind when drafting your title. Your title is all about enticing the reader and drawing the attention towards what you have to say inside. Thus, try to stick to the rules of grammar. Don’t throw around terms, put them down as their actual definition.

The same goes for headlines as well. Start off by defining your headline and then break it into a keyphrase, as a brief summary of what you’ve written. It’s also a great idea to include your website URL in your header as well. A lot of search engine optimization beginners get lost right from the beginning when trying to figure out what the purpose of their article is. So when you have that much work to put across the paper to be considered “seo friendly,” remember to emphasize your site instead, but that doesn’t mean you have to worry about being less popular than when you started.

Keep As Little Information About your Topic under 500 Words

Seo article png from

If you don’t already know, google has become a huge game player now. There are now thousands of keywords every year that show up in search of any particular word. So make sure to have a thorough understanding of your topic and make sure it’s a broad enough term to cover the wide range of different topics that you might write about. Also, make sure you’re familiar with something called Keyword stuffing. Most bloggers make the mistake of writing things like “What Are the 8 Essential Elements for Successful Remote Work?” which doesn’t matter, because the target market doesn’t care about any specific thing that only works effectively with…well … everything else. Just follow the flow, keep an eye on the competition and write according to your best interest.

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Make Sure All of the Sections and Parts of the Article are Updated

This step is especially important for newbie writers in case your article is based mostly on news stories. If you decide to write about politics, you will be bound to encounter lots of new terms and terms you didn’t even realize exist. So make sure to update your sections accordingly and let Google sort through the changes that you’ve made. But make sure you also check your code to ensure everything looks correct and all those fields of information that were modified by adding text are updated correctly too.

Make sure to add paragraphs on your text at least once per paragraph. Add pictures as appropriate, but make sure to make those images readable in the form of links and not block them out. Remember to keep your article concise, don’t make over 100 words and also try to keep keywords as minimal as possible.

Use Headers and Sub-headings Like They Really Mean Something

This is probably another tip that came along quite late, and I’ve been using it for years. Don’t make any mistake of telling Google “I’m going to go deep into how cats become pets vs. pigs and cats.” If your article is basically about animals, use the name “feline companion” and make it an entire section within your work. In other cases, you can name it “how and when did cats become pets” or “how does cat insurance work” for example. Whatever works for your title and sections of your article, make sure to keep up to date with what’s happening and to keep your head on the game too.

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To Sum Up

Writing a quality article doesn’t require the skill you learn in school to produce quality content. Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals of writing, the rest is in your hands!

I hope that you found something useful here and made some sense of all of the above!



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