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After ‘Ichchadhari Naagin’, now Ichchadhari Bandar’s entry in this serial, people made fun of it

Ichchadhari Bandar in Tv Show: Daily soaps of TV do many tricks to entertain the audience. The demand of showing something new everyday forces the writers to do different experiments. Something similar is being seen in the upcoming TV show ‘Divya Drishti’. Where the audience got to see the wishful monkey. In fact, Ichchadhari Naagin has been shown on TV for many years. Which has become common for the people, but in this queue, now many wishful animals are being seen. People had seen wishful crocodile, lizard, scorpion, but now wishful monkey has taken entry on TV. Seeing which people could not stop laughing. The entry of Ichchadhari Bandar in the TV show Divya Drishti is forcing people to burst into laughter. Also, its clip is becoming quite viral on social media. In which people are making very funny comments.

Entry of Ichchadhari Bandar baffled the audience
A clip of a recently shown episode of the show is going viral on social media. In which a woman is seen playing the drum. What was it then, on hearing the sound of Damru, the wishful monkey takes its true form. Seeing the wishful monkey, all the family members start shouting and running away. On the other hand, as soon as the wishful monkey comes in its original form, it starts creating havoc everywhere.

users are making fun
As soon as the clip became circular on social media, people started making fun of it. Some people say that nowadays zoos are being made, not serials. Commenting on this clip, one user wrote, ‘Utha le re baba’, while another commented, ‘Lizard seen, centipede seen, buffalo and snake also seen, now wishful monkey…more Anything left?’ A user commented, ‘Ab Ichchadhari cockroach will come’. Another wrote, ‘Brother, what have I seen, now my eyes will have to be washed with acid.’ A social media user commented, ‘All this is happening at the behest of wishful directors.’

wishful cat has entered
Along with the wishful monkey, the wishful cat has also entered the show. Where in the beginning of the show, the users were enraged when the girl who became a bride was shown turning into a cat. Let us tell you that the makers are facing trolling on the coming days due to strange things being shown in TV shows.

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