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After the release of Gadar, director Anil Sharma had put such a condition, Sunny Deol had to drink alcohol

When Sunny Deol’s film Gadar was released in theaters in the year 2001, it took the box office by storm. The love story of Tara Singh and Sakina stole the hearts of the fans, while Amrish Puri’s powerful voice continues to dominate. But do you know that Sunny Deol drank alcohol after the release of this film. But he never used to touch alcohol. The reason for this was the director of the film, Anil Sharma.

The shooting of Gadar took a year and a half

According to the reports, it took one and a quarter year for the shooting of this film. It is said that Sunny Deol paid a lot of attention to his look for this film. After shooting this, he used to clean shave and shoot other films and then used to wait for two months to grow his beard. For this reason the makers had to wait.

Sunny Deol drank alcohol

Apart from this, a condition was placed between Anil Sharma and Sunny Deol. If the premiere of the film is good, both will drink alcohol. Gadar premiered and got a strong response from the public. It is said that for days Anil Sharma kept getting calls for the film. After this there was a grand party at the Taj Hotel. Both drank some alcohol. Anil Sharma says that neither he drinks alcohol nor Sunny Deol.

Kajol was the first choice

It is said that Kajol was the first choice for this film. But things could not materialize there. After this many big actresses of that era were approached, but for one reason or the other they rejected the film. After this, the makers decided to take a new face in the film. Pictures of girls were called from many agencies. 400 girls applied out of which 400 were selected. His screen test and audition happened. One of them was Ameesha Patel, whose name was stamped.



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