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Bigg Boss 16 fame Gori Nagori was attacked by her brother-in-law, know all the things related to her personal life

Bigg Boss 16 fame Gori Nagori, who is also known as ‘Shakira of Rajasthan’, narrated her ordeal by sharing a video on social media. Ghori told how on May 22, when she reached Kishangarh in Ajmer for her sister’s wedding, she and her team were attacked. When she went to the police to complain, the policemen present there took a selfie and sent her back.

Ghori was attacked by his brother-in-law

She posted a video and wrote a long message in Hindi, “Hello friends, I am your fair. I am uploading this video what happened to me today, May 22 was my sister’s wedding. As I am I live in.” I don’t have father and brother. I have an elder brother-in-law, Javed Hussain, who said that if you come to Kishangarh for marriage, I will make all the arrangements. So, I agreed to come, not knowing that it was their plan to call me to Kishangarh. My team was attacked very badly by my brother-in-law and his friends.

Police did not file complaint after taking selfie

Ghori Nagori further narrated how the policeman took a selfie with her instead of registering her complaint, “My brother and I went to file the complaint, but the police did not take my complaint saying it was a domestic matter and the policeman Harassed me. He made me sit there waiting for a long time and then took a selfie with me.”

Appeal for help from Rajasthan government

Ghori appealed to the Rajasthan government for help and protection, as the police were also not helping. She said, “I live alone at home and my mother and we are in danger from all these people. If anything happens to my life, my mother, or my team, then these people, whose video I have uploaded, will be responsible for them.” I have taken my name and I will only request the people of Rajasthan to support me.I want Sir Ashok Gehlot ji and Sachin Pilot ji from Rajasthan government to support me and get justice as soon as possible and whose mistake should be punished, Get them punished. My life is in danger, please help me Rajasthan government.” Gori Nagori gained household recognition from Bigg Boss 16. She is a dancer by profession and has a strong fan-following on social media.



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