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Bollywood’s craze for Monalisa, sharing photos in yellow saree, asked fans this


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Updated on: Mar 18, 2023 | IST

Monalisa Latest Photos: Monalisa drives fans crazy with her looks. Although the actress shares photos in western outfits, but when she is seen in a saree, the fans cannot live without praising her. Recently she has shared her pictures in yellow saree.

Monalisa Latest Photos: Bollywood actress Monalisa is a big actress of Bhojpuri cinema and keeps attracting the attention of fans with her photos. Photos of the actress are very viral on social media, in which fans do not get tired of praising her. Recently, Monalisa has shared her latest photos in yellow outfit. (Photo credit- Instagram)

In these photos, Monalisa is seen in Yevo color saree. Seeing Monalisa in a saree, there is no limit to the happiness of the fans. Red and yellow saree is Monalisa’s favorite and she likes to share many photos in it which are also viral on social media. (Photo credit- Instagram)

Fans are not tired of commenting on seeing photos of Monalisa in different poses in yellow saree. A fan wrote – You are looking very beautiful in yellow saree. Another fan wrote – I love you very much. The comment box of this post of Monalisa is full of heart and fire emojis. (Photo credit- Instagram)

Sharing the photos, Monalisa wrote in the caption – I have many songs in my mind on Yellow Saree. Suggest something for my next #reel. Although the fans are missing in her beauty and no one has answered much on this question of hers. Only the fans are seen commenting on his look. (Photo credit- Instagram)

Talking about Monalisa’s work front, the actress was last seen in the serial Nazar. At present, he has projects like Favwara Chowk Indore Ki Shaan and Bekaboo. Monalisa’s popularity on social media is tremendous and the Bhojpuri actress has more than 5 million followers. (Photo credit- Instagram)

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