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Father died at home, Rohitash Gaur was trying to do comedy on the sets of Bhabi Ji

Rohitashv Gour On Bhabi Ji Show: Rohitash Gaur entertains the audience a lot by being Tiwari ji in the show Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain. Recently, the pain of actor Rohitash came out in full swing. He told that this also happened during the shooting of this show when he was very sad at the personal level, yet he kept focus on his work.

When Rohitash was going through pain

According to BT, the actor told that there was a time when he was shooting for the show, but he was going through a very difficult phase in his personal life. The actor told- ‘Problems happen in everyone’s life. When my father had died. Then I was shooting here. My father was running in my mind. But I had to focus on my comic scene and its timing. I had to deliver my dialogues with full dedication.’

The actor further said- There are very few such shows where people laugh after taking out the double meaning of jokes. This is not the case in our show. Today’s time has come with a lot of change. We do not share much knowledge in comedy. If we do not do something different then people will not watch our show because then there are many such shows to watch.

Rohitash said – he changed the trend of comedy

The actor says that he has learned a lot from this show in these years. Rohitash told that after reading the script, memorizing the dialogues, then speaking and punching in the shooting, how to do all this with the right timing. Many times they become offbeat even after working hard. But still people laugh. The actor also told that he had been following the trend of fast comedy for a long time. But he changed the trend of comedy through Bhabi Ji and became popular with slow comedy.

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