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GHKKPM Spoiler Alert: Sai insures Virat, the tide will change with the arrival of a new doctor

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Latest Update: The show Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein has taken a new turn. A new person has entered Sai’s life. Although, right now this new character seems out of Sai’s understanding, but gradually new colors will start coming in the story. Now Virat will get to know about this new person, then Virat will also be seen shivering. Yes, in the show, a doctor named Satya has come to Sai’s hospital.

Virat upset with Satya’s entry in the show! Became positive about Sai

Satya is entertaining for everyone but for Sai he is irritating. In such a situation, it will be shown in the coming episodes that Sai will give information about this to Virat. Sai will tell that a new doctor has come in her hospital who keeps on talking unnecessarily. Now during this time when Sai will tell Virat about his antics, Virat will get angry and will say that he is looking crooked so should I come to straighten him? On this Sai will say that there is nothing like this, she can handle such things herself, she is so capable. At the same time, a different tension is seen on Virat’s face.

Now what will happen next in the show?

A new twist is about to come in the story, in the new track, Satya’s entry will be made in Sai’s life. Satya’s mother will show interest in Sai and will also dream of making her the daughter-in-law of her house. But will Virat allow Sai to get away with the cess herself? Will Sai be able to do this? It would be very interesting to know this.

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