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Kathal Review: This story of Kathal Chori is very funny, Sanya Malhotra will win hearts

Kathal Review: If you want to stay in Mathura then you have to say Radhe Radhe and IPC does not mean Indian Penal Code but Indian Political Code. These dialogues are the story of the film Jackfruit, this Netflix film of Jackfruit Chori is very funny and entertains you a lot.

Two jackfruits are stolen from the house of an MLA in Mathura. These jackfruits are not ordinary. They are of a foreign brand and if MLAs feed their pickles to big leaders, they can become ministers, so jackfruits are very important. The police department is deployed to find the jackfruit. But then it is revealed that a girl is also missing, so has that girl stolen the jackfruits. In this investigation, this story takes many interesting turns and moves ahead keeping you entertained.

how is the movie
This film of 1 hour 55 minutes keeps you hooked from beginning to end. Some part of the beginning is quite funny. How jackfruits are stolen and then the police investigate it. It is fun to see this. The film looses a bit in the middle but soon comes back to the point. The dialogues are quite good. All the characters have caught the language of Mathura in a tremendous way. The film is not very long so it moves fast and then the climax wins your heart.

Sanya Malhotra has done a wonderful job in the character of a police inspector. The way Sanya has caught the accent of Mathura, it seems that she is from there. Her body language to expressions are all amazing. There is love and this shade is also played by Sanya very well. Anant Joshi’s acting is also very good. Rajpal Yadav has become a journalist and makes you laugh a lot. Vijay Raj is strong in the role of MLA. Raghuveer Yadav and Vijendra Kala have small roles. in which they are frozen.

The direction of Yashovardhan Mishra is very good. He has made a clean film which can be watched comfortably by sitting with the whole family. His grip on the film has remained completely.

In a film of less than 2 hours, there is less scope for music, but here Ram Sampath’s music is soothing… It takes the pace of the film and suits it well.



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