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Lord Ram did this miracle on the set of Ramanand Sagar’s ‘Ramayana’

Ramayana Set Miracle: Ramanand Sagar’s popular TV show ‘Ramayana’ still has a lot of craze in the audience. People have not been able to forget the characters of the show even today. People also listen to the stories during the shooting with great interest. At the same time, a miracle that happened on the set was also very much discussed, hearing which you will also be surprised. A crow was needed in the Uttarakand of this show. The team started looking for a crow for the shoot but were disappointed. Then a miracle happened which was really shocking.

Miracle happened on the set of Ramayana

In fact, in ‘Ramayana’, the scene of Lord Shriram playing with Kak Bhusundi in his childhood was to be shown. The entire team of the show desperately searched for the real crow, but they could not find any crow. Meanwhile, a big miracle happened on the set of Ramayana. A crow was sitting on the branch of a tree near the set. As soon as Ramanand Sagar saw that crow, he prayed to it with folded hands. He said that Kak Bhushundi Maharaj should help us.

Even today the team of the show cannot forget this miracle

While praying to Ramanand Sagar, by the grace of Lord Shri Ram, such a sight was witnessed on the set that everyone was amazed. The crow immediately sat near the child playing the role of Bal Shriram and played a lot with him. This scene of Bal Shriram with the real crow was shot for the entire 10 minutes. These miracles are still remembered by the actors who play the characters of ‘Ramayana’.

Let me tell you, the TV show ‘Ramayana’, which started in 1987, was once again started on Doordarshan during the lockdown. Even during this, the TRP of this show came fiercely. Be it Arun Govil or Deepika Chikhaliya, the fans still like every artist very much.

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