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Makers are not happy with the success of ‘The Kerala Story’, the producers of the movie made so many lakhs

The Kerala Story Producers Donate Rupees: After being a hit in India, ‘The Kerala Story’ has been released in Britain. This movie has also become a hit in Britain. To celebrate the success of the film, the makers recently addressed the media. According to the producers of the film, ‘The Kerala Story’ can cross the Rs 190 crore mark in India today. This movie is also facing opposition from some political parties and groups, who have claimed that the film is not based on facts, and against a particular community through this movie. Hate is being spread.

The release of ‘The Kerala Story’ was banned by the state government of West Bengal while Tamil Nadu has also withdrawn it from theatres. However, the Supreme Court has lifted the ban on the film on the last day. Currently this movie year 2023 Has become the second biggest hit film of.

Vipul Shah’s press conference
Vipul Amritlal Shah, producer of ‘The Kerala Story’ claimed in a press conference that he is paramount to bring out the truth. Vipul Shah said, ‘People are trying to claim that the film is fake and the producers are lying. The film is bigger than just the story of three girls.

Makers donated so much money
On this occasion, Vipul Shah has announced a donation of Rs 51 lakh to Arsh Vidya Samaj Ashram, which takes care of the survivors of religious conversion. The producers also invited 26 girls from the ashram to interact with the media along with the cast of the film. Let us tell you that ‘The Kerala Story’ is the story of a group of girls from the state, who change their religion and join the terrorist organization ISIS.

The Kerala Story’s ‘Nima’ i.e. Yogita Bihani had tried her luck from TV to movies



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