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Nimmi was deeply in love with Dilip Kumar, know why she had said – Don’t want husband in charity

Nimmi Unknown Facts: Many actresses in Bollywood created a special place in the hearts of people with their performances, in which the name of Nawab Bano alias Nimmi is also included. Raj Kapoor gave this name to the actress in the 60s. Nimmi’s popularity can be gauged from the fact that producers and directors had to struggle a lot to cast her in their films. She used to choose films according to her choice. Because of this many times the directors had to wait a long time to hear their yes.

Raj Kapoor gave a chance in films

Nimmi was given the first chance by Raj Kapoor. She worked in the film ‘Barsaat’ and became famous in the Hindi film industry. She belonged to the film family. His mother Waheedan was an excellent actress and singer. Apart from acting career, she was also very much discussed because of her personal life. The friendship between Nimmi and Madhubala was very deep. There was such a bonding between the two that they used to share every little thing with each other. The names of both the actresses were also associated with Dilip Kumar. It is said that both the actresses were deeply in love with the actor.

‘Don’t want a husband in charity’

An interesting story related to this love triangle is also very famous. According to media reports, Madhubala once asked Nimmi a question about Dilip Kumar. He asked his friend whether she was in love with Dilip Kumar. Along with this, she also said that if it is so then she will not come between the two. Nimmi laughed at Madhubala’s question and said that she is neither as beautiful as her nor does she need a husband in charity. Talking about the film journey of the actress, apart from Barsaat, she worked in films like Deedar, Aan, Udan Khatola, Basant Bahar, Kundan. Due to prolonged illness on 25 March 2020, at the age of 88, he said goodbye to the world.

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