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Rahul Vaidya’s disclosure, Disha Parmar had told her husband ‘good news’ like this

Disha Parmar-Rahul Vaidya To Be A Parents Soon: Recently, Rahul Vaidya and Disha Parmar gave good news to their fans that they are going to be parents soon. Now Rahul Vaidya has also revealed how wife Disha had given this news to the singer. Rahul Vaidya told that when Disha came to know about this good news, he was not with his wife at that time.

When heard the news of Disha’s pregnancy for the first time

Rahul Vaidya told that when he came to know about Disha’s pregnancy for the first time, he could not believe it. At that time Rahul was not even with his wife, he had gone to Goa for work. When he returned to Mumbai, Disha shared this good news with her husband. At the same time, Rahul also told that it was an unexpected pregnancy.

According to ETimes, Rahul Vaidya said- ‘I have always dreamed of becoming a father. I have in mind that I will give lots of love to my child. When I heard this news, it was unexpected for me. But I was very happy. So in such a situation, I have made full preparations to become a father.

This is how Disha revealed her pregnancy in front of Rahul

On wife Disha’s pregnancy, singer Rahul told how Disha told him this news. Singer said- ‘We are now living this new face of life. Because it was completely unexpected, I think it is a blessing from God. I was in Goa, I was busy with work. So when I came back, Disha gave me this news.

Let me tell you, Rahul Vaidya proposed Disha Parmar on her birthday in the year 2020. At that time Rahul had gone to season 14 of Bigg Boss. So he asked for an answer by proposing Disha on the air itself on her birthday. In the year 2021, Disha and Rahul got married.

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