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Rupali Barua: Who is Rupali Barua? 60 year old Ashish Vidyarthi in whose love PICS

Ashish Vidyarthi Rupali Barua

Actor Ashish Vidyarti took seven rounds with Rupali Baruah. The pictures of the wedding created a buzz on the social media. The fans of the actor want to know who Rupali is.

Rupali Barua

Rupali Baruah is the beauty of Bala, on whose beauty Ashish Vidyarti lost his heart. There is a difference of 10 years between the ages of Rupali and Ashish. The actor is 60 years old and she is 50 years old.

Rupali Barua

Rupali Baruah is not very active on social media. 1,968 people follow her on Instagram and she follows only 991 people. He has posted 295.

Rupali Barua

Rupali Baruah is from Guwahati, Assam. According to media reports, she is an Assamese fashion entrepreneur. She has a fashion store named NAMEG in Kolkata.

Rupali Barua

Rupali Baruah also makes reels videos. There are many reels videos on her Instagram, in which she is seen giving more than one expression.

Rupali Barua

Talking to an online entertainment portal INSTAGRAM, Ashish Vidyarthi said that getting married at this age is an extraordinary feeling. Ashish and Rupali Baruah had an early morning court marriage followed by a party with friends and close family members



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