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Saying mad in The Kapil Sharma Show may cost dearly to Kapil Sharma, the actor told the makers’ decree

Kapil Sharma on Kareena Kapoor Khan’s show: Famous comedian Kapil Sharma is seen promoting his film Zwigato these days. Kapil Sharma’s film is getting very good response from the audience. Recently, Kapil Sharma had arrived as a special guest on Kareena Kapoor Khan’s show ‘What Women Want’, and was seen promoting his film fiercely. Meanwhile, Kapil Sharma shared stories from his comedy show to his personal life with the audience and also talked about them. Along with this, while describing today’s atmosphere, he said that how comedians have to keep a check on their words. During this, Kapil also narrated the decree which he had received from the makers.

When Kareena asked Kapil that- Society is evolving a lot these days. The comedy which used to be very funny till 10 years ago, but today people are facing problems with it. So what are the things you keep in mind when you write a script with your team? Answering Kareena’s question, Kapil said, “Really, this has happened many times in the society from which I have come, Amritsar Punjab. In our culture, boys have a lot of fun with girls. Body shaming also happens, it is in my culture.” …

Kapil further said, “But if we do body-shaming now, then it becomes a big issue. Recently, a decree came to me from the makers that I can’t use the word crazy… I don’t understand why.” ? After which I was told the reason that people who are actually called by this name may feel bad about it.”

Kapil says “Though this is a word we use on our children as well, siblings tease each other by calling them crazy. I feel at times that we are turning backwards. I remember Javed Akhtar once said that he could not write a scene in Sholay because Dharmendra was standing behind the idol of Lord Shiva which could have hurt people”.

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