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The flight left without taking Shweta Menon, the actress shared her bitter experience on social media

Shwetha Menon On Flight Journey: Actress Shweta Menon had to face a lot of trouble during one of her recent flight journeys. The Kerala State Film Award winning actress has shared her bitter experience on social media while boarding the 12 noon flight from Mumbai to Kochi. Menon revealed that she was informed about the change in flight schedule but when she reached the airport at the newly designated time, she was disappointed to find that the flight had already left.

Shweta Menon shared the bitter experience of flight journey
The actress wrote in a post on her Instagram, “I had booked a 12 noon flight (6E-6701) from Mumbai to Kochi which was rescheduled for 1.30 pm as per the SMS sent by the airlines. But when I reached the airport, I was shocked to hear that the flight had already left at 12 noon! I was not alone, there were about 22 other passengers in the same situation as me.”

No help was found even on the assistance counter.
He further mentioned that a particular staff member at the assistance counter did not handle the situation properly. He wrote, “Instead of providing any assistance, she was trying to put us on the 9 pm flight when the 5 pm flight was also available. She was not even ready to listen to us and spoke very rudely.”

Some officers apologized at Kochi airport
Shweta said that the situation worsened when the staff member challenged her to file a complaint wherever she wanted. This was the moment when the actress decided to share her experience live on social media. After some confusion, the airline arranged for them to board a “fully booked” flight at 5 pm. They finally reached Kochi airport where some officials of the airline’s Kochi office apologized personally.

Shweta Menon Professional Front
Talking about the professional front, the actress was last seen in the film ‘Pallimani’ directed by Anil Kumbajha. Nithya Das, Kailash and Dinesh Panikkar also played important roles in the film. The mystery thriller received positive reviews from fans and critics.

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