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When Amrish Puri slapped Govinda on the set, because of this he was angry with the actor

Amrish Puri slapped Govinda: During the shooting of films, many such incidents happen between the stars, which are discussed in the corridors of the film for a long time. Sometimes there is a rift between these actors. One such incident is related to Govinda and late actor Amrish Puri. Both these stars used to be veterans of the industry. However, something happened between them during the shooting of a film that Amrish Puri even slapped Govinda. After this, they had vowed never to work together. Let’s know here what happened between these two?

Amrish Puri was very punctual
Amrish Puri was not only known for his brilliant acting but he is also remembered for his punctuality. It is said that Amrish Puri was so punctual that whatever time was given to him for the shooting, he either reached on time or many times used to reach even before time. Once Amrish Puri reached the set at nine in the morning in connection with the shooting of a film. Govinda was also in the lead role in this film. At the same time, when Govinda did not reach the set even after waiting for a long time, Amrish Puri’s anger reached the seventh sky.

Because of this Amrish Puri slapped Govinda
According to the media reports, the shooting of the film was to begin at nine o’clock and Govinda reached the set at 6 o’clock in the evening. Amrish Puri was furious when the actor came nine hours late. After this there was a lot of debate between Govinda and him. On seeing this, the matter had increased so much here that Amrish Puri had even slapped Govinda. Hurt by this incident, Govinda had decided never to work with Amrish Puri again.

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