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Weight loss: Amazing transformation of bank manager even after eating golgappas! 93 to 68 Kg gained from this diet

Transformation Journey: We are telling you about the weight loss journey of a bank manager, who has reduced his weight by 25 kg. How did he lose weight? How was the workout plan? What kind of diet did you take? You will know about this in the article.

Prerna Mishra is a Senior Bank Manager in Lucknow.

Weight Loss Story: A girl who had a lot of interest in sports activities during school and she was also a very good basketball player. His life will change so much later, he never even imagined. 

After passing the tenth, after college studies, job, marriage and then becoming a mother, her weight increased and she became 92 kg. After this, an incident in life had broken him from inside. That incident was that his 4-year-old daughter was diagnosed with blood cancer. 

After this he decided to transform himself and reduced his weight by 25 kg. While talking to, Prerna Mishra, Senior Manager, Punjab National Bank in Lucknow, shared her fitness journey and also told how she lost weight even after facing so many difficulties in life? If someone says that I cannot lose weight, then this woman and her story are a living example for everyone.

Weight lose

Talking to SFXNEWS.TODAY, Prerna, senior manager of the bank says, “From the very beginning, I was very fond of participating in sports activities. I was also a Kathak dancer but after marriage my life changed completely. Actually, my husband had gone to Germany for studies. 

After this, in January 2021, when my daughter’s health deteriorated, blood cancer was found in the report. After that my life has come to a standstill. Every day I had to take care of my daughter.

 It was getting weaker day by day. I had to pick up the daughter and take her to the washroom, hospital and everywhere. I did not have any problem with my increased weight till that time but when 3-4 months passed, in April-May 2021 I started having back pain. Sometimes this pain was so much that I could not even lift my daughter. 

Prerna further says, “Just that day I had thought that if I want to take care of my daughter then I have to be fit. After that I was completely made up and for this I hired a coach from fitter. The coach’s name was Kashish Taneja.

He prepared a diet and workout plan for me. However, I did not follow any strict diet and always ate home-cooked food. Soon I started losing weight and I was only 10 I have lost 25 kg in a month. Today my weight is 68 kg and now I am working hard to make abs.

Used to take such a diet to lose weight

Prerna says, “Before starting the transformation journey, I used to eat anything. I am a Bengali, so I eat more rice. Where I eat a certain amount of rice now, I used to eat unlimited rice earlier. In the first plate I used to eat more rice. And lentils and salads used to be less, today there are less rice and more vegetable salads.

I did not feel like eating anything from my trainer, just I had to eat less than my maintenance calories i.e. total calories burned in 24 hours I can eat whatever I want according to my macros and calories, so I used to change my diet often.

Because I realized that it is important to limit the amount of what you eat. I love golgappas so I have never eaten golgappas Didn’t give up. But I knew their calories and macros. That’s why whenever I used to eat golgappas, I used to manage them along with other meals. This is how my trainer prepared the diet.”


1 Slice Bread
2 Half Fry Egg 
Ginger Tea With Sugar
1 Scoop Whey Protein

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Chicken Biryani (40g Rice/100g Chicken)
or Chicken Roll
or Chicken Pasta

Evening snacks

Ginger Tea With Sugar
Besan Cheela (30 g Gram flour)
One Omelette
One Scoop Whey Protein

Weight loss workout plan

Prerna says that due to giving all the time to the daughter, I used to find it very difficult to increase physical activity. When I used to take my daughter for chemotherapy, I used to take a resistance band to the hospital itself. 

Apart from this, whenever I got time, I used to exercise. Then as time passed, I started increasing my activities. Earlier, where I used to walk 2 thousand steps a day, now I walk at least 12-15 thousand steps.

After this, when my daughter’s health improved, I joined the gym and used to exercise 6 days a week. Initially, I used to hesitate to exercise in the gym, but in just 2 weeks my hesitation went away and I started getting results.

 I always followed the push-pull-leg technique. Used to exercise for about 1 to one and a half hours.

Tips for weight loss

Prerna says that there are ups and downs in everyone’s life but it does not mean that one should stop living. It is necessary to cope with the situation. 

We were all very worried about my daughter’s health but I was always positive that this difficult time too will pass. I didn’t lose heart, took a step and was always motivated. Just in this way I did my transformation. If you also want to lose weight, then you can lose weight in these ways and stay fit.



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